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Winter Activities

During the winter months Innsbruck is one of the best places to enjoy skiing. The city offers a large ski area for lovers of snow sports. Well connected with the resorts of Seefeld. Tulfes, Igles, Axamer, Lizum and Stubai, Innsbruck is well equipped with cable cars and lift transport systems. Winter sports enthusiasts of all ages enjoy skiing and snowboarding throughout winter. The ski stations of Igls and Mutteralm offer night skiing as well

Considering Innsbruck is located at the foot of the Alps; it is natural for it has imbibed a culture that is strongly built around snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering. During winter, Innsbruck has many ski activities happening around the five hills surrounding the city. The world-famous ski resort Nordkette and Olympia SkiWorld are perhaps the most famous of them but the slopes around Seefeld, Tulfes, and Stubai Valley offer equally adventurous opportunities.

Children and non-skiers can ice skate on the Hofgarten frozen lakes or live life on the edge by taking a day hike to the Stubai glacier. Innsbruck is an impressive place to relax and enjoy a simple toboggan sled ride in the company of moonlight and the stars. Besides, you can also visit the Olympia World Innsbruck where you will find everything - public skating, ice hockey, bobsleighing, figure skating, and more, under one roof.

Children's Ski

Kids can enjoy themselves at the snow gardens. Igls resort offers skiing for children-friendly, nursery slopes. Children aged between five and fifteen years old can learn to ski. There are discounts for the youngsters on equipment rental and lift passes.

Summer Activities

Summer in Innsbruck is truly beautiful. With skydiving, climbing, hiking, rafting, cycling & mountain biking, there is a lot to explore in the city. Do not miss the marvelous landscape of the city on the way to Seegrube or Muttereralm.


Cycling is generally enjoyed on the "Inntal cycle path" that goes in the direction of Landeck. The road is flat and safe. Also, there are some good refreshment spots on the sides.

Visiting the Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

The highest zoo, located in Europe at the foot of the Nordkette mountain range, is a representative of the beautiful forest animals unique to the Alps. Children will enjoy feeding the animals as well as getting an insight into the alpine animal world that's normally not a sight at other zoos. Moreover, it offers a great view of the fascinating Alps and Innsbruck city.

Mountains & Hiking

Completely surrender yourself to the picturesque Alps if you are eager to discover medieval villages, soak in the beautiful mountain scenery and taste the delectable gourmet menu at 2000m. The most popular trekking trails in Innsbruck are Patscherkofel to Zirbenweg along the south side of the Inn Valley, Haflekar to Hermann Buhl Weg and Goethe Weg, Schlegeisstausee glacier walk and trails above Hungerburg and Hötting.

If you want to try something out-of-the-box, then Nordic walking is an exciting outdoor activity and Igls-Lans is the place to master this fitness trend. There are twelve different routes in this area, suitable for running and gentle walking. But, remember trekking at a leisurely pace along the well-worn paths allows you ample time to explore the imposing views of Innsbruck.

Water Sports

Summer visitors to Innsbruck can indulge in all types of water sports activities including bathing, surfing, swimming, paddling, and sailing. If you are ready to explore the surroundings beyond Innsbruck; sailing & windsurfing schools organize numerous adventure activities at the many lakes in Tyrol. Furthermore, summertime creates the perfect setting to have a dip in the Lanser See and Natterer See lakes. Here, we should be giving a special mention to Natterer See Lake's child-friendly programs.

Stubai Tram Ride

The Stubai Tram Ride connects Fulpmes with Innsbruck, on the way gathering marvelous views of the Stubai valley. Started in 1904, the tram travels through the beautiful larch forests via Telfes, Kreith, Raitis, Mutters and Natters to Innsbruck. Visitors from Innsbruck can reach the Stubai Valley Railway using public transport. The valley is also one of the many interesting points to start a hike or ski.

Mittelgebirge Carriage Ride

The idyllic Mittelgebirge region with its impressions of beautifully carved mountains and valleys should be certainly explored on a horse-drawn carriage ride. As the horses gallop in tandem, the Mittelgebirge region and its delightful towns between Rinn and Igls & Axams and Birgitz, shower you with their pristine beauty. In the winter, horse-drawn sleigh rides are also available upon request. If you like to tap your feet to some local music ask your tour operator to organize a musical stopover at a traditional inn.

Market & Fairs

Innsbruck's main shopping happens in Old Town where tourists are most interested in buying local handicrafts and trinkets for their friends and family back home. Those in search of bargains should venture a little further; smaller shops are set up off the main streets. In Innsbruck, there's something for every taste. Be it homemade chocolates, traditional confectioneries, or locally fermented schnapps, every few steps there is a shop offering you tasty treats.

In Tyrol cities such as Innsbruck, Landeck, Kitzbühel, and Lienz, flea markets, boutiques, or specialized fairs are regularly organized where boutiques and delicatessen shops tingle your taste buds. Then, there are quaint places for clothes, shoes, leatherwear, antiques, and farmer's organic produce to cater to all tastes and needs.


After a hectic day of action and sightseeing, an invigorating experience at a wellness spa is recommended for tourists who have come to Innsbruck-Tyrol for their holidays. Spruce up your body and soul with a thermal bath at one of the spa hotels or just relax in the laps of forests, mountains, and meadows to calm your mind.

Food & Drinks

Sampling Austrian culinary fare is nothing short of a divine experience. Visit the restaurants lining the streets of Alstadt to gorge on mouth-watering food made from cheese, speck, and schnapps. If you are not ready to tread the extra mile, there are restaurants that serve various international cuisines, such as Chinese, Italian, French, American, and so on. A little outside Innsbruck, in the villages of Tyrol, different types of cheese, bacon, and ham are also available and definitely worth a taste. Feel free to experiment with deer meat as well as sausages. Also, ask for a mug of Zillertal beer, a must-try for every visitor.