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Innsbruck is a beautiful city not only famous for its natural scenery but also as a cultural capital of the federal state of Tyrol in Austria. There are two famous tourist attractions in the city, which cannot be missed out even during short vacations namely; Golden roof and Imperial Palace. This city is a home to the world-class art collections, museums, castles, churches, galleries, and boutiques. Beside cultural city, it is a best place to enjoy the winter sports like skiers, free riders, snowboarders, ice sports, winter hiking, and snowshoeing along with the summer sports.


This city has a low crime rate and therefore it is considered safe city of Austria. However, it doesn’t means that there is no any petty crimes like pick pocketing or bag snatching. Such type of crime can be seen easily especially while travelling in a city. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep an eye on the surroundings and avoid few dangerous areas. It is advised to take standard precautions for safety on the roads and obey all the rules given by the signboards while doing skiing on the slopes of Alpine.


Smoking is banned in the public transportation and educational institutions. But there is are no any strict rules regarding smoking especially at the work places, or bars and restaurants. Therefore, smokers can be seen on the boards of the buses. New smoke-free legislation is passed to reduce smoking in the public areas. So it is advised to ask waiter before lighting up the cigarette in the restaurants or bars.


Normally, a service charge and tax is included in the bills of the restaurants, cafes or bars. It is a routine to round up the amount of the bills just like other European cities. Extra tipping can be given to appreciate the good service given by the restaurants. Moreover, it becomes obvious to give tips in the form of coins or cash if bill is paid by the credit cards. Tipping is not mandatory for taxi drivers as usually it is already added in the total amount of the fares.

City Transport

In this city, bus and tram are the main modes of public transportation. This city is covered by more than twenty lines of bus system and hence it becomes best option for travelling. In the bus system, few areas come under special zone called as ‘Kernzone’, which takes standard fares, and not as per distance covered. Tickets or passes are easily available at any terminals or transfer stations. Single trip tickets are available in the bus or tram.

For tourists, a special Innsbruck Card allows free entry to all the public transports, museums, sights, attractions, and free trip on a Sightseer bus. Special discount is available on the tickets for entrance to attractions like Swarovski Crystal Worlds and mint tower in Hall. By using this card, it becomes easy to explore city through the special Sightseer or the Crystal Worlds Shuttle.

When to Travel

Innsbruck comes under continental climate, which is normally temperate in all seasons. Summer season start earlier than other parts of Austria and normally exceptional kind of wind flows from the south direction. Due to this warm and dry wind, climate becomes unique and therefore it becomes peak season for tourism. Late summers become unpredictable due to hot and extreme rainfall. Foehn winds are expected in spring and autumn season. As being cold destination, winter is very cold and snowy and snowfall can be enjoyed in these days. Therefore, overall, this city is best in all four seasons and vacation can be planned as per choice of the climate.

Emergency Numbers

Hospital (University Clinic)0512/504
Public Transport Information0512/5307102