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Due to the impact of several European dynasties and Tyrolean sovereigns, Innsbruck has always remained an important cultural centre. At any time of the year, you can be assured of plenty of events and festivals to enjoy. The summer months are dedicated to cultural events and summer activities while in the winter, one can witness an array of winter sports and related sports events, competitions & festivals.


New Year's Concert

Celebrated on January 1st, the event is marked by a gala concert held at the Congress Innsbruck with performances by the Tyrolean Symphonic Orchestra.

Igls Bobsleigh Rides

Igls Bobsleigh Rides are held from late December through late February as well as from early June through late September, in the town of Igls, where the bobsleigh run was built during the 1976 Olympics. Experience the adrenaline rush as you slide down in a bobsled with a professional driver at the helm.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Lukas Mall


Hahnnenkamm Race ( Visit Site )

The Alpine World Cup is held mid January every year in the town of Kitzbühel, just one hour from Innsbruck. This ski race on the mountain of Hahnnenkamm is highly demanding and technical with many vouching for the course's difficulty.


Air and Style Snowboard Contest ( Visit Site )

This European snowboard contest first held in 1994 is organized in early February in Innsbruck and Seefeld, a town less than 30 minutes from Innsbruck. It features a combination of skateboarding and snowboarding followed by an open-air concert.

Fasnacht ( Visit Site )

Fasnacht is a traditional event, held every four years to depict the common struggle between good and evil. It involves the people of Tyrol wearing ancient masks and dancing the "Gang'l" together, as they parade down the street in elaborately dressed costumes.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Hofec


Osterfestival Tirol (Easter Festival) ( Visit Site )

Celebrated from mid-March to early April, the Osterfestival is marked by various concerts and choirs in different churches and other venues around Innsbruck.


Maibaumaufstellen der Brauchtumsgruppe (Maypole Celebration)

On the last day of April, the neighbouring village of Aldrans comes together to celebrate the arrival of spring with massive parties followed by a dance around the Maypole on 1st of May.


Tirol Speed Marathon ( Visit Site )

Held at the end of May or start of June, Tirol Speed Marathon is marked by various European runners taking to the streets of Innsbruck to participate in the competitive long-distance running event.


Tanzsommer International Dance Festival ( Visit Site )

Tanzsommer or summer dance festival is one of the most visited dance festivals in Austria. For many years now, it is held annually in mid June, with the purpose of bringing together the finest dancing ensembles from all over the world.



Frühschoppenkonzert is a series of free outdoor concerts held during the summer months from July to September at the resort town of Igls. With the spectacular scenery acting as a grand backdrop, the event features musically diverse and entertaining concerts conducted every Sunday morning at 11:00 am.


Festwochen der Alten Musik (Innsbruck Festival of Early Music) ( Wikipedia )

Held throughout August, Festwochen der Alten Musik is the biggest festival of Innsbruck. It is marked by performances of different compositions written between the 14th and 18th centuries.


Alpenländischer Volksmusikwettbewerb (Alpine Folk Music Festival)

Enjoyed throughout September, Alpenländischer Volksmusikwettbewerb features traditional folk music. There are performances by different folk musicians and singers followed by parties and plenty of food. The event is arranged by The Tirol Folk Music Society.


Jeunesse Children's Concerts

Held at the end of October, Jeunesse Children's Concerts are hosted for the complete family. Their theatrical performances and concerts are generally played at the Congress and the Conservatory Music Hall.


Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) ( Visit Site )

Christkindlmarkt is held from mid November to mid December. There are traditional markets set up at the Landhausplatz, Maria-Theresia-Strasse and Herzog Friedrich Strasse. In addition to the market, there are puppet shows and a lot of other entertainment for the young visitors.


Innsbruck Mountain New Year's Eve

Innsbruck warmly welcomes the New Year on 31st December with a legendary party, fun attractions and colourful programmes set up across the Old Town's main Market Square. The celebrations are enjoyed with live music, good food and a midnight fireworks display.