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A popular tourist destination, Innsbruck is the administrative center of Tyrol and the main economic center of western Austria. About 6000 small and middle-sized businesses play an important role in the city’s economic situation with the tourist industry being the major contribution. Innsbruck also bridges the economic areas of Italy, Germany, east Austria, Vienna and Switzerland.
Innsbruck earns a staggering amount from tourism. The city’s scenic atmosphere, historic buildings and the far-reaching sport facilities, both in summer and winter plays an important role in attracting the tourists, thereby enhancing the economy. The city attracts around 5 million tourists every year.
The city’s location helps in its economic growth. Innsbruck offers a freeway access to Munich, Germany and Verona, Italy. Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof is an important railway station of Innsbruck and Tyrol. The airport of the city offers flights to Frankfurt, London and Vienna.